We offer software testing services to meet your project objectives.

Agile Testing: Embedded testers within the Agile teams, working collaboratively with the developers, testing every sprint, creating and executing automated tests – the key to success for Agile teams.

Automated Testing: Testers with expertise in various automated test tools like SilkTest, Selenium, and JMeter help improve the quality of your software projects.

Mobile Testing: Device and platform compatibility, usability, and performance testing are some of the key aspects in testing of mobile applications.

Consultree aligns its software consulting services to the clients’ business, quality, and testing objectives to maximize ROI. The testing objectives are determined by product goals and can range from improving customer satisfaction, reducing time-to-market, improving product quality, increasing predictability, to managing costs.

At Consultree, strategy and execution are tightly integrated to create an accountability model for success. A consulting assignment begins with an assessment of current processes and product objectives and lays out a clearly defined implementation plan for aligning testing objectives.
As a partner we bring years of experience in practicing, researching, and defining software testing processes, and assist in optimizing testing efficiency through a mix of QA tools and methodologies consistent with the industry best practices.

While automating some or all of your testing can provide a significant return on investment, but most test automation projects fail because test automation success is more than just buying the right tool. Organizations taking the first step towards automation often stumble at one of many stages of automation including identifying the automation need, evaluating the tools, taking a “make or buy” decision, training, deployment of the tool and creation of frameworks and scripts. Consult Tree automation services help save your company from making an expensive test automation mistake in any of the steps mentioned above.